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ARYa Technologies limited

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Transform your vision into profits

AI risk and profit management platform for business transformation

What is ProbiAI?

AI platform to minimise risk, maximise profits and accelerate transformation

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One Platform

Single customer view with centralised data management and dashboard with scores


AI Decision Engine

Cloud data warehouse. Plug and play AI models and business rules. Visualisation tools

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Workflow Automation

Wrapper on the platform to enable touch-less workflows along with next best action

Why ProbiAI?

Connecting consulting, engineering and delivery to enable transformation at scale

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Consulting Services

Strategy and Innovation

Transformation RoadMap

Business Case and Prioritisation

Operating Model

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Cloud Data Warehouse

AI Decision Platform

Digital Enablement

WorkFlow Automation

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Agile Delivery

Value Realisation


Scale Globally

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AI Case Studies

Apply AI to a wide variety of business cases such as to predict portfolio performance, conversion, lifetime value, churn, identity risk, credit risk, operational risk, health risk, cyber risk, claim and disruption propensity, fraud, liability and damage

CReDIT risk management plaform

B2B fintech business empowered through AI identity (document & photo check), operational (key ratio trends) and credit risks (financial transactions) on a platform with risk scores

Underwriting Automation

Analytics driven fraud scoring, automated checks across systems such as blacklists, billing and claims and real time validation through 3rd party APIs for identity and cyber risk




Combined digital (electronic notification), automation (process payments) and analytics (AI damage estimation and triage) to close claims with no manual input in a touch-less fashion


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Case Study

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ProbiAI driven insurance super-app enabling true usage based insurance

AI powered Internet of Things, Driving Score, Health Score, Fraud Prediction and Claims Assessment

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Case Studies

Strategy consulting services for your transformation vision. Formulate strategy, innovation matrix, business cases, prioritisation, roadmaps, architecture, AI application scenarios, target operating model and approval from stakeholders



Business case, operating model and transformation roadmap covering pricing, underwriting, claims and fraud in UK, EU and US to deliver value over £100M

Future Data Strategy

Design and implement data governance strategy, setup case to hire a Chief Data Officer and roadmap to move to cloud data warehousing and analytics


nextgen operating model

Establish offshore contact centre with 700 heads. Intelligent omni-channel customer routing strategy for multiple brands, products & functions across 3 countries


The ProbiAI Way

We believe one of the coolest application of AI is to predict risk. In its current state AI performs much better than humans on structured data generally available to us as our worlds transform digitally . However, organisations can often struggle to leverage internal and external data and face change inertia. This is where we bring our consulting services to identify key opportunities and co-create a transformation roadmap with AI at it's core. Architecture is important for us. We design solutions on our centralised AI platform to maximise value and coverage. Speed is important to us. We take pride in working with effective smaller teams who solve the toughest problems quickly. Innovation is important to us. We are passionate about innovation acceleration, whether for better profitability, new data driven products or new business model creation. Finally we believe in bringing digital, automation and analytics together rather than treating them in silos as well as in bespoke solutions rather a one-size fit all offering.

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ProbiAI is a trading name of Arya Technologies Limited, company number 13877669, with registered office at 5th Floor, City Reach, 5 Greenwich View Place, London, United Kingdom, E14 9NN